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Darin Read
The product of a grandmother who raided sacred Native American burial grounds on one side of the family tree and a grandmother who was a world-class violinist on the other, Darin Read was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. 

As a child Darin traveled throughout the southwest with his family buying and selling kachinas, baskets and pottery from Native Americans out of an old green station wagon. He also spent numerous hours drawing his own comic books and shooting super 8 films starring his Six Million Dollar Man action figure.

Darin graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in history where he convinced his thesis advisor to allow him to shoot a documentary (entitled THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF ASU) in lieu of writing a paper. His first short narrative film, FEAR, won the best picture award at the USC / Universal Studios film program.  After directing and producing several more films as an MFA student at Loyola Marymount University, he worked on a myriad of feature films for New Line Cinema including THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.  

More recently, he co-produced HAUNTED PLANET and wrote and directed UP UNDER THE ROOF, two 35mm films based on classic short stories. The latter won the Best Picture, Best Director and Best Editor awards at the Film Outside the Frame Festival and won the best horror short award at the 8th Annual Indie Producer Film Contest.  Both films have played at numerous festivals worldwide. 

Rue Morgue Magazine called UP UNDER THE ROOF "a compelling take on the coming-of-age story that depicts what it truly means to face fears."  28 Days Later praised the film as providing an "excellent examination of the universality of fears...prepare for Read's unique take on the timeless ghost stories of the past."

Darin has post-supervised FINAL DESTINATION FIVE, INTO THE STORM, SAN ANDREAS, THE CONJURING 2, IT, REMINISCENCE and BLACK ADAM for New Line / Warner Bros. and was an Associate Producer on RAMPAGE and IT CHAPTER TWO. He also executive produced HAUNTING MELISSA, the first feature film designed as an iPad app. 

Read is next slated to direct his adaptation of Thomas Tessier's story "I Remember Me" from Tessier's Ghost Music for the feature film anthology THOMAS TESSIER'S WORLD OF HURT. He is a member of both the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Producer's Guild of America. 

Danielle Stallings
Award-winning producer/director Danielle Stallings began her career as a professional stage actor. Since earning a BFA from USC's School of Cinema & Television and an MFA from Loyola Marymount University, Danielle has continued writing, directing and producing independent film projects. Danielle's films have enjoyed success at festivals in India, Italy, Germany, Israel, Seattle, London, Austin, Phoenix and Baltimore and her 16mm short PORN QUEENS OF THE 70'S was honored by the DGA. Her recent achievements include two 35mm films based on classic literary pieces.

Ms. Stallings has a 14-year history of animal welfare volunteerism. She's most proud of having served as the point-person and facilitator of the negotiations between Chris DeRose of Last Chance for Animals and HBO for the ground-breaking documentary "Dealing Dogs". Danielle is currently working with her film partner Darin Read on a new feature-length production.


The Boy
Minister's Daughter

Jonathan Milliken
Geoff Elliot
Jill Hill
Alice Taylor
Shawnna Youngquist
Vince Froio

Greg Finley

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Darin Read

Manly Wade Wellman

Danielle Stallings
Darin Read

Danielle Stallings
Geoff Hale
Darin Read

Megan Shoenbachler

Erin Hall

Swinda Reichelt

Unit Production Manager
First Assistant Director
Geoff Hale
Cassandra Laymon

Art Director
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Chris Short

Mike Rizzi
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Adam Schendzielos
Sam Hamer
Matt McGowin
Houston Guy

Brandi Flowers
Fabien Hameline

Dora Arielle-Hopkins

Mike Foodman
Chris Buchakjian
Cameron Abel
Brian Fisher
Jenny Denton
Nicholas McGuire
Tim Van der Linden

Jean Pierre Marangakis
Blane Dydasco
Eric Yahraus
Dennis Wong
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Stan Eng

Tom Balazs
Matt Waters
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Tom Balazs
Monique Reymond

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Stephanie Kae Panek

Stella Belli

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Irene Cazares

Mark Hayashi
Alicia Zaragoza
Jennifer Schell

Wendy Herron
Barbara Gannen
Gerry Needle

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Rick Hadley

John Syrjamaki
Stephanie Colopy
Veronica Hansen
LMU Business Affairs

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Animals provided by Furry Friends Orphanage
(The Rat and Mouse Club of America)

The filmmakers wish to extend their
personal thanks to the following for their
contribution to the making of this movie:

Pat Read
G.W. Read
Gina Read
Kirby McCauley
Kay McCauley
David Drake
Jody Levin
Brent Kaviar
Frank Salvino
Cyril Drabinsky
Steve Restivo
Rick Halpern
Alan Tudzin
Paige McPhee
Rick Sparr
Mark Murphy 
Joseph Amaral
Todd Deeken
Travis Gannam
Mary Abshire
Arlene Clendenin
Diane Carson
Mindy Van Neck
Rey Ortega and Sun Flour Baking Company
Rebecca Goth & Primal Spirit Foods
Gigi and Jordan at the Castle Heights Starbucks
James Casey
John and Nancy Ross
Matt Waters
Charles Hoover
Helen Toth
Catherine Morley
Charlotte Mitchell
Stan Poe
Cheryl Perry
Keith Mitchell
Mary Kay Nottage
Iris Schutz
Kay Boardman
Long Beach Heritage
 and thanks Danielle.


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