A lonely ten-year-old boy is haunted by strange noises at night on a decaying, depression-era farm.


During the dustbowl era on a dilapidated farm, a lonely ten-year-old boy begins hearing strange noises above his bedroom ceiling at night. The noises grow threatening as the thing in the attic becomes restless and hungry. Through a friendship with a visually impaired girl, he comes to understand that he must face this thing hiding up under the roof before it consumes him.

Director's Statement:

When I was a child I was terrified of something indescribable that “appeared” in the upper corner of my bedroom ceiling at night. I’m still not sure what it was. It might have been some sort of asthma-induced nightmare, or maybe some everyday occurrence that was incomprehensible to my young mind. Whatever the case, it had a profound effect on my interest in fear, and more specifically, the facing of it.

We’ve all had those experiences. There are many undefined but malevolent psychic forces that afflict children growing up. These terrors must be faced or they’ll stay with us as we mature, creeping inside the darkest depths of our subconscious, evolving into even more malignant fears and insecurities that will paralyze us as adults. Then, we will truly become haunted. That’s the point of our film. UP UNDER THE ROOF is about facing that which we fear the most. It’s about trusting our instincts, letting go of reason and embracing the unknown. There’s still a ten-year-old in each one of us looking to overcome the fears that almost broke us. The lonely places still need to be conquered.

I hope you enjoy our film.
--Darin Read

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